Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The Writing Bug

I've been so into writing lately; it's like I have my energy back, and more important, my enthusiasm. The other night I had a 20-minute opportunity while S. and hubby were busy, and instead of riffling through The Week I popped open my file and wrote a few paragraphs. Last night I was thinking about the next scene while making dinner, and pondering character development while drifting off to sleep. I love it when it's in my head like this--my best stuff comes out of this kind of intense dedication.

This morning I happily realized that the next chapter is my opportunity to bring in King Richard himself (richer, deeper, more historical figures and references). I can also up the tension because of that lovely new scene I wrote yesterday, and juggle things around a bit to improve the flow. Woo-hoo. Long live the writing high.

What else is going on? Well, Easter. Preschool spring break starts tomorrow--thank God for grandparents. S. will be quite happy getting non-stop attention for 3 days, and grandparents will too. This weekend we can do the always-fun dyeing of Easter eggs. I am so much of a kid at heart that I absolutely love doing that. Then on Sunday she'll get an Easter basket, and get to do an egg hunt in the yard. Then brunch at the country club with my parents (hey, they invited us! It sounds soooo traditional, but hopefully will be good. I've never been to the country club.)

Oh and bonus news! Last night we booked our trip to San Diego for Memorial Day. Hurrah, beaches and aquariums and loads of Mexican and Thai food!

Medieval Word of the Day: divinail: something to be divined; a riddle.


Anonymous said...


There must be something in the air. I've been feeling the same way about my writing lately. *s*


Susan Adrian said...


Hoo-RAY! Even better news. {huge g}