Friday, April 21, 2006

Side Note

After today, I am now exactly halfway through editing TMT. And the second half should be much smoother than the first! Woo-hoo!


Julie K said...


I _love_ that snippet - and what a great job you did with that little bad guy! I wanna read more!!

And I must add - I love the medieval word of the day feature you've got going - it's fascinating. I may have to start using some of these words to confound people!

Julie K

Anonymous said...

Halfway there - good for you! (beaming) Feeling even better about it all now, I've read somewhere here.

Liked the piece about villains. I like my bad girl too - she's an evil witch, a manipulator with a terrible temper, and a sex addict. She's vivid, and when she's with me there aren't any nice-girl hangups - she just does what she does. If reading a villain is entertaining, I wonder if writing a villain is therapeutic?

Have a good day!

Susan Adrian said...

Thank you, Julie!! I am SO glad you're enjoying the blog (MWOTD is fun) and the snip. Woo-hoo. Way to start me off on Monday with a high. {s}


Susan Adrian said...


I'm _certain_ that writing villains is therapeutic. It always makes me feel better. Mightily annoyed at someone? Go and write the scene where your villain gets to stab somebody...or just plain be rude. It's cathartic. {s}


Anonymous said...


Woo hoo!!!!