Monday, April 17, 2006


When you're used to getting ready with a 4-year-old in the morning, getting ready without one is exhilarating, unsettling, and boring all at once. Odd, that.

S. slept over at her grandparents last night, since she was going to be with them today anyway. Why make her wake up on our schedule and rush with us while we get ready for work? I had a bad moment last night when I missed her desperately--even though she would have been asleep anyway. I missed hearing her breathing on the monitor, missed that last-thing-before-bed check when I just go and reassure myself that she's asleep and well, and properly covered. Amazing how these little beings steal our hearts so completely.

On the writing front, I didn't get much done over the weekend, but am back at it today. I've added quite a few new bits and TMT is now up over 92,500 words. I started this rewrite at 88,000, so yay me! I've almost added 5000 words! And several more new scenes to write.

I still can't believe I thought this was ready enough to send out before. {shaking head} Ah well, live and learn. Not much else new today; must catch up on work now!

Medieval Word of the Day: wapentake: A subdivision of certain English shires, corresponding to the ‘hundred’ (HUNDRED 5) of other counties.

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