Monday, April 24, 2006

Monday, Monday

Ahhh, back after a nice weekend. Well, not consistently nice weather-wise; Saturday was nearly 70 degrees and sunny, and Sunday was 35 and snowy. {sigh} But the cold periods are getting shorter...though they make me grumpy, I can deal. We had fun anyway.

I'm not sure how the writing schedule is going to work this week. I have all sorts of personal/social things to do for lunches, so I'll have to do unusual things to fit it in. I shall do the best I can, that's all I can do, though, right?

I'm listening to jazz classics right now and feeling mellow and coo-el. However, I am out of coffee and have no chocolate in my desk, so these things must be corrected for everything to be truly right in the world. Skittles, while Easter-y, are NOT the same thing as chocolate by any stretch.

I think that's it for now. I've noticed that Monday posts tend to be rambly and without purpose. Kinda like Mondays? I think it takes me a day to get into the groove...

Medieval Word of the Day: loreless: without learning or knowledge. Hey, I bet you know somebody who is loreless, don't ya?


Anonymous said...


Crazy weather, eh? It's nice and about 70 here. Loooove it!


Susan Adrian said...

It is sooooo friggin' cold today, I am quickly losing my cheeriness about it. But it was 70 or so on Friday last, and is supposed to be again by this Friday. Very freaky.


Julie K said...

I froze my butt off walking to work this morning - thank god they hadn't turned the heat off in my work building!!

Hope you got your chocolate fix!

Susan Adrian said...

Et tu, Julie? {g}

I did get chocolate. Once the bug hits, it cannot be denied. {serious face}



Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,
Don't think about the cold. Concentrate on other things. The squeal of a four year old as she sees her mommy. The tenderness of a husband's lips on dry hands. Feel better?

Susan Adrian said...


I do feel better! But then it's also 50 and sunny today. {g}