Friday, April 28, 2006

Just a Bit


I was just way too busy to be able to post yesterday--and I probably shouldn't now, but I'll be brief. {g}

In doing some more research I ran across a history buff list, and apparently my source for the Isabel description is bunk, forked teeth and all. {sigh} Like a shock of cold water across the face, that. Ah well, the small, dark, lover bits are all verified elsewhere! Because of busy-ness yesterday I wasn't able to write (darn lunch meetings), and today I'll be hard-pressed too--I'm taking all my staff out to lunch on me. Aren't I a nice boss?

But I will get something done on it this weekend, and be back to my sched on Monday. Life, ya know?

Back to the grindstone for now, but how could I leave you without your

Medieval Word of the Day: heugh (or heuch): mostly Scot and N. dialect, A precipitous or hanging descent; a craggy or rugged steep; a precipice, cliff, or scaur; most commonly, one overhanging a river or the sea.


Anonymous said...

Hi Susan:

Argh! I hate when that happens. Are you considering using the stuff anyway? (It being fiction, and there being such a thing as an afterword?) That's always a tough one for me, whether to fudge the history in favor of the fiction.

Life, indeed.


Susan Adrian said...


Well, I'm not gonna use the teeth, I don't think. But the rest is pretty straightforward, so we're good with that. :)

I'm definitely up for tweaking history a little, or Isabel wouldn't be pregnant here!