Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fun with hoars

This is what it looked like this morning:

We got six inches of snow yesterday, and this morning had freezing fog and hoar frost.

I love to say that aloud. "Hoar frost. Hoar frost. HOAR frost." I am such a geek.

I did not write yesterday--I actually gave myself a day off. Why? Two reasons:

1. Stress stuff. I have enough stress going on this week--good and bad--that little gray hairs are popping out on my head. Sadly, this is literally true. {sigh} I needed a day.

2. I started reading a friend's mss. I'm only on Chapter 3 (ONLY because of time constraints), but believe me when I tell you: you too will read this book someday. Between covers.

I am getting back on the writing horse today, though. I have a monthly goal to get to.


A Novel Woman said...


One of my relatives, great-grandmother or somesuch, had the last name as Hoar. Can you imagine? I came _this_ close to being a Pamela Hoar.

Pamela not Hoar

Precie said...

You go, girl!

For a teensy diversion, Meme Tag! You're it! :)

Susan Adrian said...


Oh, dear.

We have in this town a whole family of "Queer"s. Poor things.

A Novel Woman said...

And I went to school with a "Hooker".

Susan Adrian said...

Pam: There are times when a name change is really called for.

Precie: Uh-oh. That one looks like work. Maybe...um...tomorrow. :)

Hélène Boudreau said...

Why does your snow look so much prettier than our snow?

I hope you enjoyed your sejour from writing. :-)