Monday, February 25, 2008

Monday ups and snow

Hooray! The birthday party went GREAT. Everyone had a good time, including parents. I went to Child's birthday circle at school this morning--where I walk around the sun (birthday candle) with her 6 times, talking about when she was born and what she likes. It was very sweet, and both the teacher and I were misty at the end--this is her last birthday circle, as next year she'll be in elementary.


And, we went to a fantabulous concert yesterday. Check out the Jeni Fleming trio here. Here's a clip of Jeni singing "Better than Anything", one of my favorite jazzy songs. I'm downloading a couple of their albums in ITunes today.

The bad news about today is that it is snowing like mad. We got a few inches last night, and the streets are a slide-zone. Thank Goodness we're all safe in our respective places for a few hours.

Now, off to work!

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stephanie said...


"Saw" you over at Pam's place. You can tell I have a ton of work to do today, which is why I'm kickin' back and saying hello. (Love that little adrenaline rush you get when a deadline looms!)

Think of you often,when I put on my snow booties you helped me get, or when I hear mojito.

I'd tell you to be a good girl, but we know that's not going to happen, so have extra fun for me!