Friday, February 15, 2008

my own little dreamworld

I am in SUCH a writing mood today.

I was having a vivid dream when I was forced to crawl out of bed this morning, all about escaping from the Nazis with a little suitcase full of stuff culled from all my belongings (and I had to decide: book to read, or writing journal!), and hiding in a hidden compartment on a train. I love those sorts of dreams--they always leave me half in the dream world, ready to escape into my own stories.

Unfortunately I have class ALL DAY (am on a 20 minute break right now, and I just poured out 200 words on GG before writing this!), so am a mite frustrated and distracted. It's hard to concentrate on creating DVD buttons when your MC is in the middle of possessing someone and would really rather you get back to HER, thankyouverymuch.

I also had a big plot revelation while driving to work this morning. I wish I could tell you about it, but (a) you'd think I'm insane, trying to describe this plot at this point and (b) I would not be able to allow you to live. Just let it be said that you should trust your first draft and let it reveal itself...all will become clear to you in time.

Gotta go! Am going to be laaaaaaaaate....


Jennifer Hendren said...


That always happens to me, too. When the need to write overwhelms, seems I always have a project or final I have to focus on.

Off topic, but I happened by one of those programs where they show footage of car chases, plane crashes, etc. Anyway -- they had one guy who led police on this full blown chase...guns blazing..the whole shebang. Beautiful area, I noted... then when they showed his mug, it read Missoula, MT. You're famous! (w) Beautiful area, tho. :)


Susan Adrian said...

Hey Jen.

I did get SOME time to write, which was a relief. I'm thinking I'm going to need some more this weekend, though. :)

And yep, we do have beautiful country! And occasional car chases.