Friday, February 22, 2008


  • Local YMCA party room booked: check.
  • Invitations made and sent, RSVPs received for 9 bff: check.
  • Pin-the-tail-on-the-mermaid poster printed, tails cut out, mermaid blindfold aquired: check.
  • 10 crowns (5 tiaras, 3 "boy crowns", 1 purple Birthday Princess crown with feathers): check.
  • 9 goodie bags stuffed with candy and prezzies: check.
  • 1 "mermaid treasure chest" prize filled with pearl beads and chocolate coins: check.
  • Cake, balloons ordered: check.
  • One slightly frazzled mom: check.
  • One almost-6-year-old thrilled to pieces, and ecstatically waiting for tomorrow: worth every bit of it.


Hélène Boudreau said...


Happy Birthday!!

Catherine Karp said...

Happy birthday to the almost-6-year-old! We know 5 kids who were born in Jan. and Feb. of her year, and I cannot believe those kids are 6 already! We just passed 8 1/2 the other day. And, if I remember correctly, there's another Feb. birthday in your family...

Susan Adrian said...

Helene: Absolutely priceless. (I just didn't want to use that word. {g})

Cathy: I can't believe it either. I also can't believe 8.5, especially when I remember newborn!!! {shaking head} And yup, mine is in 4 days. But nobody much cares about mine, in comparison. :)

Julianne Douglas said...

6 and 8.5? Try 16! [s]

Have a wonderful party. I hope it's everything Child hopes for and more.

Cindy said...

Happy birthday to Child and to you!

la lala la LA LA

Chris said...

Have fun!