Sunday, October 15, 2006

Damn and Blast!

Last night about an hour before bed my chest started to get tickly, and my throat scratchy. I had trouble sleeping--trying not to cough--and now this morning I have a full-blown chest cold. Damn damn damn! I will not be sick for Surrey. Grrr.

Fortunately it's Sunday, so all I have to do is keep up minimally with Child, who is happily dressing her itsy-bitsy dolls in rubber swimsuits (don't ask--Polly Pocket is pervasive) right now and singing to herself.

I did a long post Friday and then it got wiped out with a browser crash; I just didn't have enough patience or time to do it again. The good news though is that I finally nailed Chapter 2 of TMT, and I think I'm ready for Surrey now. I have a synopsis I like, a pitch I like, and a done mss. Thank goodness. I did get a rejection on an outstanding query Friday too, but it was an excellent rejection; the agent read 100 pages and really took the time to comment. She said many positive things and asked to see any other book I might write, but just didn't cotton to my heroine in TMT. That's okay, I can deal with that. So very wonderful to have real feedback!

Anyway, gonna go nurse my cold with lots of food. For some reason chest colds make me hungry.

No medieval word of the day today, as I'm at home!


Cindy said...

Dear Suze:
Congrats on the great rejection! (And only in this biz would anybody even think that, but you know what I mean...)

I hope your cold clears up, pronto. Ginger and lemon tea is the thing for me - warning, fresh ginger can do awful things to a poor, innocent eyeball - picked up that little gem about an hour ago. Eye is still really indignant.

I'm kind of looking forward to Polly Pocket. I just don't love dinkies, and I'm getting tired of Lego. He's learning to read, though!

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better soon, Susan. We'll fix you up here...

Grandma's recipe for a Hot Toddy:
Shot or two of whiskey in a cup of hot water + 1T honey and 1T lemon juice.

Another Hot Toddy recipe:
2 shots of brandy in a cup of hot tea + 1T honey and 1T lemon juice.

(Repeat as necessary. Heck, skip the water if you want. You'll feel better even if you don't *get* better. ;))

And, congrats on the good comments from the rejection letter. (What an odd business! [g])

Susan Adrian said...


Thanks! Sadly the teas etc. rarely do much for me. But I'm working on lovely daytime cold medicine this morning, and doing okay. :)

Polly Pockets aren't too bad--it's just that all their clothes and shoes and such are so so so so small...

Susan Adrian said...

Mrs. M:

{sigh} No brandy or whiskey in the house, unfortunately. (actually this is a good thing overall. {g}) I'm a little better today, and on meds. As long as I'm over it by Surrey...

Anonymous said...

LOL - well, yes, I guess you can always settle for cold medicine in a pinch. ;) Glad you're feeling a bit better!