Thursday, October 05, 2006

The situation

I'm not ignoring you purposely!

I'm having serious computer problems at work--my computer is GONE for the 3rd time in 3 days, taken away by the baffled IT guy. {sigh} I'm typing this on a "spare" computer that I'll have to cede in a couple of minutes.

All is going well other than this snafu. I'm back to writing again, yay yay, though time is extremely crunched. But I have to have TMT revised and ready for Surrey!

If I have my computer back, I'll post about Surrey tomorrow. More manana!


Anonymous said...

I hope you get your computer back soon. Mine's been acting up lately too, and I just keep crossing my fingers that it doesn't die.


Anonymous said...

Well, that can't be too good, if your IT person is baffled. (Speaking on behalf of IT people...we hate being baffled in front of non-IT people; it screws with our self-image as all-powerful technogeeks. {g})

Hope you get a functional machine for keeps soon! :)

Susan Adrian said...


The GOOD thing is that since it's work, if it fails they take it away and bring me another one. Failing of home computers is far worse. Hope yours keeps going!

Susan Adrian said...

Mrs. M:

[all-powerful technogeeks]

Don't even get me started. {g}

It's working right now, but he told me never to turn it off. {rolling eyes}

Anonymous said...

Heh...thought you'd like that. {bg}

Now, as to that solution... Umm, interestingly low-tech. LOL

Better make sure to back up anything important. I think I hear the clock counting down the minutes remaining of its functional life. (Which reminds me of a little poster I have in my office: "No amount of profanity will bring back lost data. Save often.")