Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Happy Halloween!

Hooray for those of you who cut! That is a pretty damn hard part of writing: (1) recognizing that you need to cut words; and (2) doing it. What do you think: more exercises in the future? I do like getting my hands on actual text.

I'm sitting on some excellent news today, which has got me floating pretty high up in happy-land. Unfortunately it's personal, not share-able news, but trust me, it's good. Yay.

AND I finished the gosh-darned 3 essays due today, and I get to skip class tonight to take my little princess trick or treating. Life is sweet.

Medieval Word of the Day: hallow: A holy personage, a saint. Also hallow- in Comb. (chiefly in Sc.) is used for ALL-HALLOW- = All Saints'-, in HALLOW-DAY, HALLOW-E'EN, HALLOWMAS, HALLOW-TIDE; also hallow-fair, a fair or market held at Hallowmas; hallow-fire, a bonfire kindled on All-hallow-e'en, an ancient Celtic observance.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the good news, whatever it may be. (And what a thing to post for nosy writers to read. You are evil. *g*)

Hope trick-or-treating with the little one was lots of fun.


Susan Adrian said...


[(And what a thing to post for nosy writers to read. You are evil. *g*)]

I am, aren't I? {eg}

Renée said...

I'm also burning with curiosity! Congratulations, though! :o)

Cindy said...

Yuh, that was mean, girlfriend! (And I say that with lots of love and I'm glad you're happy!)

Is it something you'll be able to tell eventually? Or maybe something that might become obvious all on its own? Ok, fine, I'll stop. I just can't help it... (GGG)

Anonymous said...

LOL...terrible, Susan! What a tease! But yay for ya, whatever it is!! [g]

Yep, exercises are fun so I vote for more sometime (in your free time - ha!).

Susan Adrian said...


No, I'm not pregnant! LOL! I hadn't thought that it might sound like that. It's book-related, and that's all I'll say. {g}