Thursday, January 31, 2008

Delurk. C'mon, you can do it.

Today I'm going to take a page from my favorite cynical dad blogger, Chag.


If you've never commented before, please leave a comment. If this is your first time here, please leave a comment. If you're a regular commenter or one of my BFF who read my rambles devotedly, please leave a comment. That goes for you feed readers too.

Say hi! Wave! Tell me where you're from. Tell me what you do, or what you're writing. Or just say hi and stick your tongue out at me.

Also, feel free to ask any questions you'd like me to answer on future blog posts. Because I am such the fount of knowledge.

If we get over 50 distinct commenters, I'll do a random pick and offer a prize.

(prize, prize. Thinking. I'm a little low on the cashola for a real prize. I am an editor, though, and I have a good eye. Would anybody want a 5-page crit? Hey, you can answer that too! In your COMMENTS!)


Lindsay York Levack said...

I'll comment!

What do I do? I post urban fantasy news at

I write too. Today I'm working on a short story that presented itself in pieces in a dream last night. I just finished the outline.

(I have a day job, too, and I'd better get to that.)

Prize? A trip to San Diego! *g* Just kidding. Chocolate! *g* Just kidding. A crit would be great!

Precie said...

Hi! :P

Jennifer Hendren said...


Yeah, not sure what to say. You know me. (g)

Moi? Jen...working on adult suspense/mystery called Faking It...and a few young adult novels. I'm in class _right now_, discussing Plato. I'm bored. (g)


Julie Elizabeth said...


You know me- Julie, from just down the block *g*.

I've finally finished my first long project - a succubus short story, and I'm in the process of editing said short story. That being said, I think a crit is a wonderful prize!

Sara said...

All right, I'll post a comment, since you seem so desp--I mean, since you asked so nicely. ;-)

I'm on vacation from work right now, and it's bliss! This is my third week, but I've still got one more to go. Ah, I love sleeping late...

Writing-wise, I'm finishing up the last draft of Moon. I may even finish before I go back to work.

/Sara E.

Jenny said...

Heck yeah, I'd like a 5-page crit. Getting ready to start rewrites, and all.

Oh, Jenny here. *waves* Just finished a Scottish-set romance novel. Kilts and all that good stuff. ;-)

At my day job right now, which is medical physics (radiation therapy for cancer).

Hélène Boudreau said...

Hiya, **wave**

I've delurked before, but I'll post anyway.

I started visiting since you made your Big Announcement on the Compuserve board. (Yay you!)

I write kidlit and am a SAHM with two little girls (4 and 6) and live near Toronto, Canada.

I'm working on an upper middle grade called BIG SPLASH, a non-fiction middle grade called CRIMEBUSTING for Crabtree Publishing(my first real gig-Yay me!) and my early chapter book series called MASON & THE ECO-NAUTS is making the rounds with publishers at the mo'.

Chris said...

I sometimes comment but mostly I lurk. (Sounds creepy)

I hang around the Compuserve Forum- sometimes writing, mostly reading. I'm working on a short story. I have no idea what I'll do with it but I'm liking the process.

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, guys!

A crit it will be, if I get enough people to comment. That' LOT more, though. {g}

Anonymous said...

I'm Jaime, and I'm a lurker :)

I've been visiting the site since I found it from a random search on Medieval Word of the Day... (which I was searching for, why? Mostly because a colleague and I have a running contest for most obscure word that's still in the dictionary and isn't a scientific/computer/medical term.) I keep coming back now because I can't wait to read Jenna and Ghost Girl... I just love YA.

I'm not doing much writing lately so count me out for the crit, but I figured I'd say hi and boost the post count.

Susan Adrian said...

Hi Jaime!!

Woo-hoo, you de-cloaked, er, de-lurked. Thanks!! So glad you're reading. I'm looking forward to having you READ Jenna and GG!

Christy said...

Hey Susan!

First time to comment here. I'm doing rewrites of my time travel inspirational romance.

Linda said...

Okay, out of the goodness of my heart, in order to up your delurking count, I'm posting. You know, in spite of my elbow killing me and all ... {g} You don't have to include me in the drawing, though, since I'm going to make you crit 400 or so of my pages soon anyway. {eg}



Susan Adrian said...


Welcome!!! Good to see you in something other than a figment on my statcounter. {g}


Oh, thanks. In spite of pain! And I'm looking forward to those (400?) pages.

Joanna Bourne said...


Delurking with extreme briefness.
Hi Hi HI Hi ...


Carol A. Spradling said...

This is weird. I posted earlier but it isn't there.

Oh, well. Hi!

Trudy said...

Hey Susan - Waving madly from up here in BC!

Anonymous said...

Hi Susan,

I found your blog through the Compuserve books & writer's forum.

Geographically located in Melbourne, Victoria, Down Under. *g*

Writing a book about a uni student with psychic powers, during a war, set in modern day Australia.

And yes, I'd be up for the edit if you give one away *s*


Cindy said...

Hi Suze!

I'm still here, just, yanno, always pressed for time.

I'm writing contemporary paranormal, raising my kids, and working full time.

I'd certainly be interested in a five page crit.

Did you notice that Jen claimed she didn't know what to say? She of the crazy wordcount? Cha. (waving hi Jen!) (G)

Sam and Heidi said...

Hi Susan,
I'll delurk! I found your blog through the writers forum where I also lurk and rarely post.

I'm trying my hand at a fantasy novel right now and would love a 5 page critique.


A Novel Woman said...

Okay, okay, I'm delurking already...*g*

You know me. Don't need a crit right now but thought I'd say hi.


Julianne Douglas said...

Like Carol, I posted earlier but it's not here. No need to de-lurk. I'm a regular!