Friday, January 11, 2008


And the winner is...LINDA!!

Congratulations, Linda. 4 new books coming your way. :) Enjoy!

And I hope everybody enjoys The Spymaster's Lady. I have no doubt about that. (Congratulations again, Jo!)


Linda said...

Oh, my goodness! Are you serious? I never win. This is so cool!

Hmm... maybe there is something to this positive thinking stuff. Right before I logged onto your blog just now, I visualized myself winning, just for kicks. (Hey, I figured I had a, what, one in five chance? So it didn't seem futile to be positive. {g})

Anyway, thanks. {s} I look forward to reading the books. Though I am compelled to add that reading TSL was reward enough in itself -- if you see this, Jo, thanks again for the marvelous read!


Susan Adrian said...

Yay, Linda!

Though the irony is that you don't have time to read them for a while, since you're so busy writing. Right? :)

Linda said...

You're absolutely right. So, feel free not to rush -- I think I'm approaching the homestretch, and I'm sure you wouldn't want to be responsible for tripping my horse, would you? {g}