Sunday, January 06, 2008

The poem

My wonderful, brilliant friend Pam Patchet Hamilton (who is a Most Excellent writer and humorist--she also wins the Surrey Silly Writing Contest EVERY YEAR) wrote this for me:

There once was a writer named Susan,
Who didn’t waste Surrey-time boozin’.
Though for some, suicidal,
Suze presented at Idol,
The buzz it created, amusin’.

On the panel, was someone named Jet,
(That’s Janet’s unique sobriquet.)
This agent did jump,
With a lightning-speed trump,
Seems her appetite, Susan did whet.

But then she forgot, our Miss Reid,
Or got busy, with some lesser deed.
But with Susan’s persistence,
Her book went the distance.
A well deserved coup, it’s agreed.

LOLOLOL! Isn't that marvelous? Thank you, Pam!!

Pam, BTW, also makes a guest appearance in JENNA. {s}


Vicki Pettersson said...

Brava, Pam!
Brava, Suze!
Brava, Janet!
And Surrey!

And, what the hell, me too! (Well, why not? {G})

Susan Adrian said...

LOL. Bravas all around!

(my favorite line is "that's Janet's unique sobriquet". That is brilliant!)

Janet Reid said...

I love this!!!

Susan Adrian said...


I thought you just might. {g}