Sunday, January 20, 2008

Vacation day perfection

Wow, what a perfect day.

This morning we headed out to the Stephen Birch aquarium, one of the best small aquariums ever, anywhere. Okay, I may be biased. We've been there probably a hundred times, before Child and at every stage of Child's life. I love to sit at the bottom of the huge kelp tank and stare with her at the sun shining down through the swaying kelp forest, as leopard sharks swing in front of our noses.

Then we had Mexican food for lunch (of course) and headed to see our Big Event of the trip, the Corteo show of Cirque de Soleil, which is here on tour. I loved it. It was amazing. {happy sigh}

Then Starbucks coffee, and a swim in the heated hotel pool, followed by dinner at CPK.

Hubby is out to a movie, Child is asleep, I squeaked out 200 words in half an hour...and now, Northanger Abbey is just starting on Masterpiece Theatre.

Ahhhh. Perfection. {g}

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