Wednesday, January 23, 2008

vacation report

Yesterday was another rockin' vacation day. Monday was good too, but it rained, so our trip to the zoo was a bit drippy. We soldiered on, and had fun. But yesterday was perfect weather, warm but not hot. We spent pretty much the whole day at the Wild Animal Park, visiting with monkeys and okapi and lions. We rode up above the park in a hot air balloon, and had cranes and eagles swoop just over our heads in the bird show. Child enjoyed the playground best, though. :)

Today is possibility of rain. We're going to head to Balboa Park, most especially the Science Museum (excellent kid's place) and the adjoining playground. And maybe some shopping.

Side note: we are all valiantly pretending that I do not have a cold, though I've gone from scratchy throat to scratchy chest to sore throat. But nothing's wrong, no, nothing. I'm fine. {g} Actually I am, pumped up with Airborne and Super C and coffee...

Oh, and I saw Atonement. Really enjoyed it. Highly recommended for writers!

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