Thursday, January 10, 2008

need a laugh!


I'm in rather a cranky and crotchety mood right now. I need diversion. What's your best cheering-up site or laugh?


Precie said...

I wouldn't call it a "cheering up" site...but I'll make you a deal...If this site doesn't make you laugh, I'll send YOU a book. :)

Oh--WARNING--Don't read this close to mealtime...or while you're eating anything!

Jen said...


Well, Libba Bray's video might help... or this one:

Susan Adrian said...

Precie: Ewwwww. That stuff is nasty. But yeah, I laughed. {g} Thanks!

Jen: Love the laughing babies!

Feeling MUCH better now, guys. Thank you! (psst: the coffee helped too!)

Jenny said...

You can't watch this without laughing. And it proves the idea that endless repetition makes things funnier.