Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Liar's Diary

This post is part of Patry Francis Day. 300+ bloggers strong are taking time on their blogs today to write about Patry Francis and her book, The Liar's Diary.

Complete details are here: http://www.litpark.com/

Patry Francis is a writer like many I know--she had a full-time job, 4 (4!) kids, and still managed to scrape time together to get the writing done. She finished a book. She found an agent. She sold the book.

And then, unfortunately, she was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer, just as her book was due to be released.

That timing sucks. Okay, cancer sucks. My grandfather, aunt, and mother-in-law all died of cancer. My mom has cancer that must be treated regularly, with experimental treatments. I have a particularly close fear--and hatred--of that nasty bastard.

So Patry, heck yeah I'm joining in to help promote your book on its release day, so you can concentrate on getting better and beating this cancer. I'm going to go check out your book myself, once I'm done writing this.

THE LIAR'S DIARY is out TODAY in paperback! Go check it out, people! And if you want to make a blog post too, for Patry, for all the writers and non-writers you know who have had to battle cancer, yes. Please.


Carolyn Burns Bass said...

Hi, Susan. I'm just stopping by all the Patry blogs today--sending out electronic bliss.

Susan Adrian said...

Thanks, Carolyn! It's pretty cool, all this. :)

M. G. Tarquini said...

Hello, Susan!

Been planning to drop by and wave, anyway. This gives me the excuse. Patry's a great gal and I hope she's nothing but smiles today.

Pleased to meet you.

Susan Adrian said...

Hi M.G.!!

Pleased to meet you as well!

I was browsing your site just yesterday, looking for fabulous! new! ideas I could steal for my author website, in progress. Meant to say hi as well, but also didn't. Now that we've been "introduced", though, all bets are off.


Trudy said...

Hi Susan,
What wonderful support for this author! Her book sounds exciting - I checked it out on Amazon :)

Hoping I can pick it up locally, if not I guess the Visa is going to get some more excercise....

M. G. Tarquini said...

You mean my WEBSITE website, Susan? Because that needs...updating. Look for the secret link.

Susan Adrian said...

Yes, website website. A-HA I found the secret link now. Veddy tricky.