Monday, January 14, 2008

The shape of the future


Over the weekend I started to see the shape of Ghost Girl. I remember this happening about the halfway mark with Jenna too--suddenly what was rather vague wandering around and doing stuff begins to crystallize into plots, threads, themes, and issues. I start to see what I will need to change, strengthen, and cut. Where I will deepen characters and relationships. I feel a surge of excitement, that I can really make this a good book. It's like I've been sculpting with no idea what the final product will be, and then I just SEE.

I also see the mounds of work ahead to get there. Yes, there will be massive rewrites necessary. But this sense of shape is validation that it will work when I'm done.

For now, though, forward progress continues. I just stuck Nat in a very lovely (not) situation I'm quite pleased with. Reminder: never volunteer to be one of my heroines.

Last night--sleepless again--I also got a bit more info on the NEXT book. I had to sit on her to get her to stop telling me about it, because I just can't listen to her right now. Her name, BTW, is Melody.


Julie K said...

Dude, that's terrific! I can't wait to read these. I'm intrigued already!

Hélène Boudreau said...

Very neat!

I'm coming up to the end of what I know so far about my girl, Jade. The next little bit will be all new territory for me, which is frightening and exciting at the same time.

Looking forward to the time when things take shape like they seem to have with your story!

Susan Adrian said...


Dude, you're easy. {g}


Thanks! It is a fun time, when you can see it. From there the vision slips occasionally, but at least I know it's there, and I can find it. Good luck with yours!

It wouldn't be good if it didn't scare you a little. :)