Thursday, March 06, 2008


Okay, it's 16 degrees right now, and I'm tired of cold. Who's with me?

Child, sniffling from Yet Another Cold, came up to me yesterday with her serious face on. "You know what, Mommy?"


"I've been thinking. I don't think this is a cold. I think I'm allergic to winter."

Amen, Child, amen.

On the bright side, I have coffee, chocolate, and macadamia nut supplies near to hand. I can outlast it, and dream about June...


Linda said..., chocolate, and macadamia nuts. Sounds like a delicious way to battle unwelcome winter weather. {s}

I'm with Child about the cold -- I think I'm allergic to it, too. Of course, I don't like extreme heat any better. Guess I'm a moderate creature at heart. {g}


Susan Adrian said...

Fortunately it warmed's now sunny and 35! Woo-hoo!

Kelly Gay said...

Man, sixteen degrees! Gah. I feel for ya here in my seventy degree weather. :) Haha! Unfortunately where I am, though, this nice weather won't last long. We pretty much skip right over spring and then wallow in heat and humdity until late September.

Susan Adrian said...


{shaking head sadly like a nun in a bad movie} Oh, my child. That is pure evil to speak to me about seventy-degree weather right now. Beware such evil.

For it will surely turn on you in SUMMER! :)

Now is our nastiest time. Once we hit June, we've got about 3 months of perfection.