Friday, March 21, 2008


It's awfully quiet out there today...both at the office (I think there are 3 of us here) and in blogland. It's Friday, it's the first day of Spring (pauses to look out window at blowing snow), and it's Good Friday.

As a consequence of all this annoying quiet, I'm being very productive. Work is flowing under my fingertips, and I made it over my weekly writing goal, and am sitting at 75%! (and psst! I think it's going to come in at a first draft final count of 55000 instead of 60, so that's 81%! I know, I am SUCH a statistics nerd for an English major.) I am definitely planning to finish this puppy next month.

Pandora's cranked up to the "My alternative" station, I've got a mocha in hand, and I've got fun work to do for the afternoon. Happy moments. Gotta appreciate them when they flash by!

Happy Easter to those who celebrate! We've got a date with a carton of eggs and a PAAS kit...


Amy said...

Wow, so exciting to see the end in sight. . . at least for this round! I LOVE dying Easter eggs. I plan on that being a highlight of our day today.

DA said...

I am so glad to hear your mood is much improved and good health is restored in your part of the world. You rock.

Now if only I can tune into the frequency you're on, I could ramp up my mojo, and get a little productivity under my belt, too. :)