Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Thinking ahead (with optimism blazing), I created a new Facebook profile for just my author life. If I haven't already tagged you and you have a Facebook profile, friend me here:


MySpace coming eventually. Right after the website. :)


Amy Dupire said...

Hi Susan,

Can I ask something goofy? (Sure I can!) What exactly does one do with a Facebook profile? Sounds lame, but I'm asking for my benefit, not to question your methods :)


Susan Adrian said...

Hey Amy!

It's mostly right now just for keeping up with friends, goofing around, posting silly pictures and giving each other gifts...stuff like that. But so many teens have facebook and myspace profiles that they connect with their favorite authors that way. So I'm being very hopeful, and making sure that can happen when it's ready to happen. :)

Brenda said...

Hi Susan

I have been toying around for quite awhile with getting a facebook account. Have heard so many stories pro and con about it that I have been wary up until now. Just born in the wrong generation, I guess. I am thinking it is time to bite the cliche and do it though. I absolutely agree that it is good publicity to put one's authorial face out there, and if I can brush the heebie jeebies under the carpet, you are likely to hear from me soon.

Linda said...

You are an evil temptress, luring me into yet another online activity. I will think of some way to get even. {g}

Susan Adrian said...

Yay Brenda and Linda! I lured you both into it!

I'm a little afraid of what your thought of "getting even" means, Linda. I've read your books.