Thursday, March 27, 2008

Otherwise known as AITC*

I found myself describing the latest plot twists and turns of GG to a trusted writer friend yesterday--she's the ONLY one who hears all this stuff but me, and only when I'm soexcitedIjustcan'thelpbutshare!--and I realized I sound absolutely insane. Maybe that's because it's so late in the book, so it's complicated, or maybe it's because it's paranormal, so what's going on is just so off-the-wall. Or maybe I'm truly insane. Hey, at least it'll be a good, crazy story. Y'all can remember this post when you're reading the almost-end bits, and nod your heads in collective agreement.

But I AM excited, because I love the difficulties poor Nat is in. Mind, I have no idea how she or anyone else is going to get out of them yet, but I have that sense of excitement that comes from *knowing* she will, that it will all come together and work out. Probably not how anyone expects, but somehow.

And to think the day I came up with this bit, Tuesday, I did not want to write. All you writers know what I mean--I was dragging. I kept doing everything else but putting down new words. I'd stare at the page with dislike, then go off and look at Facebook for a while. Then I'd come back and write 100 words, scowl, and go get myself another cup of coffee. 50 words. Solitaire. 100 words. I announced to Trusted Friend that 450 words was all I was bloody going to get today, so let's chat instead. Trusted Friend, bless 'er, said go away and write another 100. I sulked, but I did...and THEN I got the idea. And wrote another 300. If lunch wasn't up, I could've easily done more, and wanted to. I knew where I was going.

The point? Two, actually.

1) The words, the solutions, and the revelations don't come if you don't make yourself sit down and squeeze out words, even past the draggy parts. Even when you don't want to. You have to go through the slog to get to the fun stuff.

2) Get yourself some kick-ass Trusted Friends.

*Ass In The Chair


Jessica Burkhart said...

I'm on my way to AIS--ass in seat. :)

Susan Adrian said...

Good for you, Jessica. Me too!!

MM said...

Thanks for the good advice. I know I need to spend more time writing and less time thinking about writing.

Could I link this blog to mine?

Kelly Gay said...

Well, my ass is in the seat, but I'm not writing! Ha! I think I need to set up my old laptop again; the one with no internet connection to distract me.

Oh, yeah, had to laugh at your character name, Nat -- that was one of mine in a ms. I wrote a few years ago. It was short for Natalie.


Susan Adrian said...

[I know I need to spend more time writing and less time thinking about writing.]
This, my friend, is my mantra. :) Of course you can link to my blog! Welcome!

Ha! Yes, my Nat is short for Natalie too. A couple people call her Natalie, most Nat. Only her Mom is allowed to call her Natty. {g}

And yes, go for severing the internet connection. Or use the egg timer approach and don't allow yourself to look at the internet while the timer's ticking...only writing (and dreaming about writing). It's worth a shot!