Monday, March 31, 2008


HA HA!!!! Donety-donety-done-done. DONE!

Finished the first draft of Ghost Girl at just over 52,000 words.

I've got a lot of work to do on the second draft, and the ending is too rushed I know, but that's usual. The word count will grow when I revise. But it's a complete first draft, with an ENDING and everything, and Done!

And I totally made myself blubber this morning while writing it. That's always a good sign.


P.S. I finished it on March 31st, not April. You know what this means? Yep, I made the first draft in 6 months, exactly, again! Woot woot!

Now what shall I do to celebrate??


Precie said...

WOO HOO!!!!!!

What should you do to celebrate? Plan an exotic vacation! :)

Julie Elizabeth said...

Yes! Congratulations!

Carol A. Spradling said...

Congratulations, Susan! Great job!

Julianne Douglas said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are SO my idol! The thought of writing an entire first draft in six months blows me away! Well done.

Now, for celebrating... How about doing nothing for a few days, other than eating out and watching movies and playing in the snow? Sleeping in's a good bet, too. Gotta recover your emotional equilibrium after the trauma of the ending. {s}

Susan Adrian said...

Precie: LOL! Well, sort of. We're going to San Diego in May for one night. :)

Julie and Carol: I'm still flying high! Thank you!

Julianne: Your idol? Mmmm-hmmm. Like American Idol? {G} I AM planning to eat out tomorrow for lunch, and am going to a play tomorrow and to hear Patricia Briggs speak on Wednesday. So good timing! Sleeping in, sadly, is not possible--but I appreciate the thought. And fortunately the denoument, though short, reestablished everyone's equilibrium. {g}

Brenda said...

Chocolate, dancing, more chocolate, snuggles with something fuzzy and warm, oh, and did I mention chocolate?

Catherine Karp said...

Congratulations!! I'm in awe of people who can write a draft so quickly. I'm trying to pick up my pace with my current book.

I agree about celebrating with chocolate. Ghost-shaped chocolate, perhaps? I guess it's the wrong time of year for that.

Lottery Girl said...

OMGosh! Way to go!!! You are amazing!

Sara said...

Congratulations Susan! How to celebrate? Why with chocolate of course! ;-)

/Sara E.

Susan Adrian said...

Brenda: LOL! Snuggles with something fuzzy and warm...{g} Since I don't have any pets...

Cathy: Thanks! Don't have any ghost-shaped chocolate. But don't worry, I'll find something!

Lottery Girl: Thanks! :)

Sara: Chocolate does seem to be the consensus, eh? {off in search of}