Tuesday, March 11, 2008


I added a Ghost Girl-related poll, above. Please answer, and give me your story in the comments section here!!

Maybe not today--because I'm absolutely crushed for time--but in the next couple of weeks, I'll share some ghost stories of my own. I have some good ones. :)


Jennifer Hendren said...

One of my favorite subjects to discuss. We should definitely swap stories. (g)

Susan Adrian said...


Definitely. :)

Kelly Gay said...

Okay, I'm gonna break bad here and give you my sordid little ghost tale. Well, okay, it's not sordid. I just like that word, lol. :)

Seven years ago . . . hub and I were living in a rented log cabin. I was sleeping. The hub was out of town. I was having trouble sleeping and turned over onto my side, facing the wall. There was a small space between the bed and the wall; small enough to walk. I snuggled the side of my face down into my pillow and then, for some reason, I had this weird sensation like I was being watched. I stilled and opened my eyes. About twelve inches from my face was the face of a girl (about 10 - 12 yrs??) peering down at me. Her entire being - skin, dress, hair - was gray. She was wearing an old fashioned dress from maybe 1930's -40's (?). Her hair was parted in the middle and pulled back in a braid, but it was messy like she'd been out playing. She either had her hands braced on her knees as she leaned over to inspect me, or tucked behind her back -- can't remember, but OMG, I think maybe three stunned seconds passed and then I shot out of bed, stumbled to the other side of the room, slammed my back against the wall and fumbled for the light switch. When the lights came on she was gone. I was shaking. Needless to say, I didn't go back to sleep that night. I still don't know if it was real or something like a waking dream, so I can't say for sure if it was a ghost. But it sure felt real. And nothing like that has ever happened to me.

Weird thing was -- this according to a friend of mine -- two weeks after this incident I found out I was pregnant and, later, that it was a girl. Friend kids me that she (the ghost) was checking me out to see if she wanted me to be her mom (he believes strongly in reincarnation).

Who knows . . . But still very real and vivid in my mind; I think it will always be that way even thirty years from now.

Susan Adrian said...


Oooooh. I love it!! So true and creepy.

And oddly similar to part of GG. That always makes me feel I'm on the right track, if I put something in and find out later someone's experienced it that way. {s}

Thank you!!!

Cindy said...

Hi Suze!

I'll share a family tale.

My mother's oldest sibling was a boy, he would have been born some time in the 1930s. He was very sick with pneumonia, and the family had gathered.

It was lunch time, and Aunt Pearl volunteered to sit with the baby while everyone ate. They said fine, just knock on the floor if he stirs and we'll come right up.

While they were eating there was a racket from upstairs, so they rushed up to find Aunt Pearl dozing in the rocking chair. "What happened?" they asked, looking around for something that may have fallen. There was nothing.

But they found the baby had passed away in his cradle.

Poor little Aubrey.

And my mother was washing dishes in Nanny's kitchen shortly after her Granddad died. She said she felt a hand on her shoulder, just like he used to do.

Cindy said...

Oops, not her Granddad. Her Dad. My Granddad.

Catherine Karp said...

When I was about thirteen, I was sleeping on my stomach, and I could have sworn the blankets came off my bed and someone ran their finger down my spine. My parents were in their room asleep, so it wasn't like there were any creepy, weird parental things going on in my house. I ran out of my room and jumped into my sister's bed, where I spent the rest of the night. To this day, I'm not comfortable sleeping on my stomach.

My disclaimer is that I've been obsessed with ghost stories ever since I checked out a book in my elementary school library and discovered ghosts could actually exist. I convinced myself at an early age that my room was haunted, and I know I had (and still have) an overactive imagination. But the incident above was far more realistic than the other creaks and bumps in the night.

Oh--and I also took a picture of a historic home in Maine in which a blurry image appears to be running by.