Friday, March 14, 2008

Yay yay, and a ghost


I met my word count goal for the week (+3200 words), turned in my crazy-making midterm project, and now it's Spring Break!

I celebrated with an Amaretto latte. And now, as promised, a ghost story.

The poll showed a pretty even split, didn't it? 5 people had encountered a ghost, 6 hadn't, and 6 weren't sure. And I LOVED hearing your own ghost stories!! Thank you! I think a lot of people would like to run across a ghost, as long as it wasn't threatening...hence the fascination with ghost stories. I've always loved them. But then, ghosts were a part of my life before I was even born.

My paternal aunt, Susan, died of ovarian cancer in the 50s, when she was 19, before her life had even properly begun. Before she died, she promised my father--then a teenager--that she would contact him from the other side, if she could. She never did, as far as he knows.

But she did contact my mother.

When my mother was pregnant with me, she had a vivid dream. My aunt came to visit her in the dream, and gave her a clear message: "name her Susan, after me."

Of course they did. I even looked like my aunt when I was little. And she's shown up in my life several times since then, in other ways. But more on THAT another time...


Kelly Gay said...

Ooh, just got goosebumps!

Dreams can be really freaky sometimes. I dreamed once of my dog dying. My mom call that morning, said she had bad news, and I said, "The dog died, didn't he?" And unfortunately, I was right.

I've also dreamed twice of my best friend being pregnant. Both times, I plain out asked her if she was pregnant. I was right the first time, which freaked her out. The second time she said "no", and I told her I could have sworn that I was right. It truly bothered me that I was wrong. Two weeks later, she told me she was indeed preggers, but that they didn't want to say earlier, b/c they were waiting for a test to come back to make sure the baby was healthy.

Weird stuff. Or maybe I'm the weirdo. Ha!

Susan Adrian said...


My mom's just like that--she's always the one with the premonitions.

Which is maybe why the mom in Ghost Girl is the primary conduit. Hmmm. :)

I love this stuff!