Monday, March 24, 2008

The Bunny Saves the Day

I almost didn't buy Child an Easter basket.

Mostly it's just that I kind of forgot. I do that with holidays, sometimes--I'm so busy with everything else that they sneak up on me, and I think "Oh, is it Easter tomorrow? What should we do about that?" on Saturday night. Besides, though we always color eggs and do the Easter egg hunt, we've never made a big deal about the Easter Bunny. Unlike Santa, I have a little trouble trying to pretend that the people in the obvious bunny suits at the mall are real manifestations of an actual creature. I really didn't think she believed in him at all. However, on Saturday night after Child was in bed I was feeling a bit bad, wishing I'd put together a surprise for her. So Wise Hubby said, "go to the store and DO it already."

I did. I trekked to WalMart. I bought a pink-and-purple velvet basket labeled "Princess" in big loopy letters. I stuffed it with pink plastic grass, a new Barbie video, a "surprise inside" Backyardigans egg, stickers of butterflies and flowers, a deliciously soft brown velveteen bunny, and a chocolate Peter Rabbit bunny. I set it out on the rug, where she'd see it in the morning. I had no idea what she'd think, but I figured she'd like it.

I was surprised in the morning that she didn't come in and wake us up, like usual. So around 8 o'clock I headed to her room, figuring I'd tell her there was something out there for her.

She greeted me with a big smile. "Mommy," she said, in all six-year-old seriousness, "Come with me. I have to show you something." She took my hand and led me back out to the basket. "Look!" Her voice shook now, a little, with excitement, as she pointed. "There's a basket, with a chocolate bunny in it! Do you know what this means?"

I shook my head, wondering what it DID mean to her.

"The Easter Bunny must have come! He left me a basket! The chocolate bunny is proof. The Easter Bunny always leaves chocolate bunnies."

I beamed. Good choice, Mom, I thought to myself. Followed shortly by You just passed that test by the skin of your teeth.

A little while later, after opening everything on our bed so Daddy could see, she looked at me thoughtfully. "The Easter Bunny must have peeked in my room," she said. "How else would he have known that I am a Princess?"

Hope you all had as happy of an Easter as I did. It'd be hard to top that, though.

The quote from my planner today: "I dream, therefore I become." -- Cheryl Renee Grossman


Cindy said...

O.MG. How adorable is that?

I've forgotten Easter too. Last year I got completely hosed at the grocery store buying supplies at the last minute. Argh.

I have a little trouble with the bunny thing too, it's kind of a stretch. BamBam did ask me directly this year if there was one, so I made an affirmative sort of sound like "ayuhwhashammmm" and then "Look! Diego's on!"

Anyway, it sounds like you scored. Happy Easter!

Susan Adrian said...


LOL! I like your affirmative sound.

Hope you had a great Easter too!

(I didn't even mention the brunch, with the piles of pastry and ham and bacon and waffles and eggs and desserts, none of which I had to cook. {g})

Lottery Girl said...

That is SO SWEET!!! I adore all the ages my kids have been, but now I am really starting to miss the little guys. I remember when my guy was about four or five, and he was so convinced he saw an angel in our house around Christmas time that I actually think maybe he did. Who knows? Give her a hug from me!

Kelly Gay said...

LOL. Cute story.

Susan Adrian said...

Lottery Girl: I have to say, I love all the ages too, but this might just be my favorite so far. :)

Kelly: Thanks! If I wrote down everything she said I thought was cute, though, this blog would quickly devolve into a Mommy blog... {g}

Lottery Girl said...


I have said that about almost every age my kids have been. Until last fall. When oldest turned 19 and got stupid. Even his little sisters cannot believe the dumb things he does. All my gal pals tell me he'll get smart again in a couple of years. Let's hope!

My baby (age 13) was the lead in the school musical and I CRIED when I heard her sing. I had NO IDEA she could sing like that. It was pretty darn wonderful.

Ain't life grand?

Susan Adrian said...

Lottery Girl:

Life, it is the grandest. :)