Monday, March 17, 2008

Top o' the week to ya

There! I added a drop of "the green" to the blog because I am, not Irish.

Oh well. Green is also a color of Spring, and here in Montana it's--

Gah. White and muddy.

Okay, I added it because I like green.

My books are scheduled to come today, but right now it doesn't matter, because I was able to pick up my friend Linda's mss again. Woo-hoo! Vikings and man-thongs. You're so gonna want this book.


Linda said...


LOL! Okay, I do remember writing the Vikings, but man-thongs? Man-things, maybe {g}, or even one notable girl-thong, but man-thongs? Unless, of course, that's code for something.

Anyway, thanks for the plug -- I'm glad you're enjoying it. I guess I will try to find an agent after all. {g}

Linda, now madly thinking of a way to add a man-thong to book 2, because the idea has definite possibilities.

Susan Adrian said...


Well, I could be mis-remembering {cough}, but my first mental picture of Hank is in a man-thong. {g} I'm not going to go back and check, either. I'll just leave that mental picture right there!

Linda said...


While I didn't explicitly state Hank was in a thong, the reader is, of course, free to fill in any blanks. Now, Mina is wearing a thong -- maybe you transferred the thought of it from her to him. {g}

And might I add that you have quite the {ahem} imagination there, Ms. Adrian. Not that it isn't entirely in keeping with the tenor of the book. {g}